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Meet the Team


May we introduce ourselves

Ricardo Hekers

..has cooked in The Netherlands, Portugal and Hong Kong. Here he worked for different Michelin-starred restaurants. Ricardo is always trying out new combinations to create beautiful and unforgettable flavors.

“Nothing is too crazy for me, I will make sure my guests will taste something they have never had before!”

Kariem El Kenawi

..has been working in the service industry for many years. He worked in hotels in The Netherlands, United States and Hong Kong. Kariem reads guests, which results in optimally anticipating, even their unexpressed wishes and needs.

“Just fulfilling their wishes and needs is not enough,
I want them to memorize a special moment which made them happy!”


To use biological products, apply the newest techniques and make use of reusable materials.


To make the world a healthier place, where people enjoy quality while showing respect for our nature.